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30-Pin Wireless Bluetooth Receiver - PhoneMart
30-Pin Wireless Bluetooth Receiver - PhoneMart
30-Pin Wireless Bluetooth Receiver - PhoneMart
30-Pin Wireless Bluetooth Receiver - PhoneMart
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30-Pin Wireless Bluetooth Receiver

      • Used to convert any iPod, iPad, iPhone dock with 30 pin connection to a Bluetooth speaker system 
      • Wireless which reduces cable clutter around the dock
      • Plug it into your docking 30 Pin connector and stream your music via Bluetooth to the dock
      • Supports A2DP V1.2, compatible with all devices enabled with A2DP stereo Bluetooth
      • Transmission distance up to 10m
      • If the device is not listed, we are unsure about its compatibility with this adapter
      • Note 1: For Bose SoundDock, only compatible with newer generation sounddock series I (that will charge iPhone), series II & Portable. NOT compatible with older generation Sounddock I that cannot provide charge to iPhone/iPod. Please check your Sounddock before ordering. Plug your iPhone/iPod into the dock, if your iPhone/iPod is being charged, this is a compatible adapter!
      • Note 2: Could not work with in car dock speakers


      Compatible with:

      • Bose SoundDock 10, Bose SoundDock Portable 
      • Altec Lansing iM600, iMT325, iMT620, iMT810, T612 
      • Beats by Dr. Dre Beat by Dr. Dre, Beatbox 
      • Edifier M360, M35, M0, MKII, 
      • Cyber Acoustics CA461 - Geneva Sound System Model L 
      • Harmon Kardon Go + Play Stereo 
      • iHome iA100, iA17, iA5, iA63, iD37, iD8, iD91, iH16U, iH4, iH5, iH6, iP1, iP4, iP9, iP11, iP37 
      • iLuv iMM747 
      • JBL On Stage 3, On Stage 4, On Beat, On Beat Air, On Time 200P, On Time Micro 
      • Logitech S135i, S315i, S715i, Pure Fi Anywhere 2, Pure Fi Anywhere, S-0001, S135i, S315i, S715i 
      • Memorex MA9010MS 
      • Onkyo DS-A4 - Philips DC320/37, DCB291, DCB293, DCB352, DCD132, DCM2020, DCM230/37, DS1100, DS1200, DS3000, DS3510, DS7700 
      • Polk HD Radio I-Sonic 
      • Pyle Home PiDock 1 
      • Skullcandy Skull Candy pipe, Vandal S7LACZ-04 
      • Sony AIR-SW10Ti, ICF-7iP, ICF-C05iP, ICF-C1iPMK2, ICF-CS10iP, RDP-M15iP, RDP-M5iP, RDP-V20iP 
      • Yamaha PDX-11,PDX-13, TSX-70,TSX-130 
      • PHILIPS DCD8000/93,DCD7010,DS1100,DCM3060,DCM713,MCD909,DCD3020,DCM2055

      Not compatible with:

      • B&W 
      • JVC RD-N1
      • Denon RCD-N5,RCD-N8 ,S-32
      • Yamaha ISX-8000,TSX-140,MCR-550
      • JBL:On Air wireless
      • TELEFUNKEN Sound You i ALU
      • Altec Lansing IM7
      • Philips DS9000

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