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2 Port HDMI Splitter (Duplicate Displays)[1080p] - PhoneMart
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2 Port HDMI Splitter (Duplicate Displays)[1080p]


    Product Description 

    • Connect an HDMI compatible device such as a Playstation, Xbox, Bluray Player into an HDTV or similar displays
    • Please verify if your device is capable in duplicating its display onto two screens
    • Note 1: Cannot be used to plug two devices into 1 TV as you will not be able to choose the signal to display
    • Note 2: Only 1 output should be active unless both outputs are of the same size and model
    • Note 3: Please ensure your device is compatible with this type of connection

    Item Specifications

    • Check item specifics for more details
    • Resolution: Supports Full HD 1080p (1920x1080)
    • Connector: HDMI Male to 2x HDMI Female

    What’s included in the package? 

    • 1x Brand New 2 Port HDMI Splitter 
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